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Twelve Steps Past Hell

What happens when an evil Dominatrix joins a small town AA group? Leroy, a struggling alcoholic, gets involved with her, and then all hell breaks loose. It gets even more complicated when his bi-sexual sister falls for her. You will not be able to put this book down. The action is non stop. It’s horror and science fiction all rolled into one.

LIFE SUCKS:Is There Hope For Me?

Does your life need a fix? Then this book is for you. There is hope. This book could save your life.


Do you have a drinking problem? This book will tell you how you can recover. Are you interested in knowing how the AA program of recovery was in the early days of Alcoholics Anonymous? This book will inform you of how the six steps of early AA turned into twelve, and how many people have used the twelve steps to get their life back. Whether you are in need of hope for your addiction or you are just interested in AA history you will enjoy this book.

Twenty Spiritual Meditations to Improve Your Life

Many people have discovered the life change that happens as a result of reading a daily meditation in the morning before you start your day. This book is intended to bring about a productive and healthy lifestyle when it is used daily. It will help you put things in perspective in a way that opens your mind to new possibilities. You will not regret choosing this book. It will be one you cherish.

As the Result of These Steps

This workbook is a result of the author’s 35 years of recovery which he is experiencing as the result of the 12 steps of AA. The workbook is tried and proven. The author used these as individual worksheets for many years before publishing them in this workbook. This book is perhaps the best workbook on recovery yet.

The Holy Book of Bell Buckle

Bell Buckle is a peaceful little town just south of Nashville, Tennessee. Folks there are friendly and hospitable on the most part, but they will not allow a group of malcontents to take over their beautiful little town. When strange things start happening in their cemeteries that hint of Devil worship the home folks take action, and the thugs are taught a lesson.

Lessons From the Bible: and Other Short Stories

What do you know about the nature of God? Is He loving? Does He want to punish us? How about the Bible? Can we trust the Bible? Is it really the Word of God? What have you been taught about it? What is a backslider? Are you a backslider? Does God still love backsliders? Find answers to these important questions in this book.

No One Walks Alone: Autobiography of Steve Holder

In this book I talk a lot about my struggles with depression, anxiety, and addiction. I also talk about things I have accomplished in spite of the issues I have had to deal with. I believe you will find the book to be interesting, helpful and encouraging.

Serving Time in Haunted Hill Insane Asylum

This is the journal of a patient in an evil insane asylum, and it is scary, insane, horrible, crazy, frightening, out of this world, exciting, and hard to put this book down once you start. You will love it. Just be glad you don’t have to go to Haunted Hill Insane Asylum.

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