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Pro Wrestling Tip of The Day…Storytelling… I used to sit in dressing rooms and listen to some of the greatest story’s ever told by man. Bill Howard, Bobby Jaggers, Terry Funk, Wahoo, Dusty Wolfe.

Telling stories made those long car trips shorter. Guys in bars drinking and having a good time and at the end of the story, the end had absolutely NOTHING to do with the bar, but somehow the person telling it, made them connect.

Stories of guys doing the absolute dumbest things, and getting a whole dressing room to laugh. Every detail was told. Nothing left out. Some were embellished I’m sure, but that’s what brought you in and listened and caught your attention.

As it turned out, some of those very same guys produced some very good wrestling matches. A wrestling match is a physical, living breathing, in motion, feel and touching story telling. Each story I heard, the common trait… telling it slowly. Taking their time. Making sure everyone was listening.

In their wrestling matches, the common trait was doing each move slowly, taking their time, making sure everyone was watching. Great similarities, huh? Because that’s how it’s done. At no time do the story’s stop. Always something going on.

Body language, facial expression, it’s all part of the end result. It doesn’t matter where I am, Texas, San Antonio, Dallas, Corpus Christi, Florida, Tampa, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Georgia, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, East Coast, West Coast… the BIGGEST issue guys have… and it’s not just good talent or bad talent, there’s blame and finger pointing to go all around, but the biggest issue I see with guys has a simple fix… SLOOOOW DOOOOWN. There’s no hurry. There’s never a hurry to do a wrestling match properly. Every wrestling school or clinic I have ever seen or been a part of teaches the same thing, holds, psychology, spots, rolls…

I have never seen a school with a ‘get your shit in class’. I have never met or even know of a ‘spot monkey’ coach. Take your time, make your stuff mean something. The fans that are watching will appreciate what you are doing and understand what they are watching. There’s Lucha style, technical, American, strong style, but there’s no such thing as ‘get your shit in’ style.

With all that being said, some of you guys would make horrible parents in putting your kids to sleep. Telling that bedtime story nice and slow, showing pictures, fluctuate your voice at the right times, those are all factors in getting your kids attention. Guys back in the day used to say TCB. (Taking Care of Business). Today guys need to say TYT. (Take Your Time)

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