My name is Steve Holder and I want to be the next Congressman in the 1st District of Tennessee. Many people believe a poor man or woman does not have a chance of being taken seriously in our money-driven political environment. Even though I share their skepticism I intend to do my best to prove them wrong.

In the next few paragraphs I want to let you know a little about what I stand for, and if you want further info please email me and let me know your concerns, or ask me any questions you want to ask. This little bit here is just to say “hello” and introduce myself to everyone.

Equality – First of all, I believe in equality for everyone. Men, women, white, black, brown, Democrat, Republican, Christian, Muslim, gay, straight, poor, rich, or any combination of the above, I want to represent you in the 1st district.

Honesty & Transparency
I also believe in honesty and transparency. I want you to know where I stand, and I hope you will let me know where you stand on the important issues facing the good people of the 1st District of Tennessee.

Health Care
Our health care system is broken, and we need to fix it. I am in favor of a single-payer health care coverage for everyone in Tennessee. It is a shame that our rich nation has such lousy health care. Our citizens deserve much better than what they are getting. No more families going bankrupt because of high medical bills. No more people dying because they can not afford to get the treatment they need.

I am in favor of education reform. Our public school system is in bad shape. Teachers deserve much more than what they are being paid. Also, they should be given the freedom to teach in a way that allows the kids to learn, not just pass some standardized test.

We need to take care of our environment. Our climate crisis is not taken seriously by many science-denying conservatives in office. These deniers of facts are making things worse by continuing to pursue policies that only make it harder for the climate to have a chance of healing.

Workers’ Rights
I believe in workers’ rights. Everyone working a full-time job in America deserves to earn a wage high enough to support their family. This is not asking a lot, just working our way back to the American Dream that used to exist in our great nation.

Legalization of Marijuana
I am in favor of legalizing marijuana. This natural plant is not the demon some fear-mongers make it out to be. Scientists have proven that it has medicinal uses. Cancer patients and those with anxiety have found that it can be useful. Let’s get out of the stone age and legalize this plant that can relieve suffering for many Tennesseans.

2nd Amendment
I believe in the right to bear arms. Every decent citizen in America has a right to carry a gun if they choose. That is our constitutional right. Guns don’t kill people unless humans pull the trigger and fire the gun at their target. We have many automobile wrecks every day but nobody says we need to ban cars. People are responsible for the wrongs they do.

I am also against abortion. I believe in the value of all human life. Babies are human beings, even before they are born. We all need to accept that reality.

Why am I running?
Many people believe a poor man or woman does not have a chance of being taken seriously in our chaotic political environment. I have to admit; I believe that too. So why am I running for Congress? I want to be proven wrong. Will you support me for Congress in the 1st District of Tennessee?

I promise to do my best to make good decisions, and seek advice when I need it. I will be open-minded and willing to consider new ideas. I do not pretend I am perfect, or that I am proud of all my past words and actions, but I am real, and my heart is in the right place.

My faith
I am a Christian, and that is important to me. I have a tremendous faith in God, who created all things. Except for His love and grace we all would be in serious trouble. I want to encourage all my constituents to put their faith in the Great God of all. We don’t need to pretend we have all the answers, and often times we don’t even know the right questions, but by the grace of God we get through.

Am I the best person for the office I seek? I don’t know. Am I the most qualified candidate? I don’t know that either, but you get to decide who you trust and who you believe in. I stand ready to fight for the good people in Tennessee, and work hard to make a good difference in Washington, D.C.

You may contact me by email at If you really want to know all about me, you can buy my autobiography on It is called No One Walks Alone.

Please share this information. Let others know about my candidacy. Thank you.

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