Ian the Rat

Recently the childish campaign manager for Blair Walsingham tried to disrespect me by telling Josh Smith of WJHL news that the only reason I am on the ballot is that I got 25 signatures, suggesting the other candidates did not have the same requirements. Well, I am here to remind Ian the idiot that all the candidates had to meet the same requirements to get our names on the ballot. No exceptions, not some had to get signatures and others did not; nothing silly like the blondes get one set of rules and the old bald guys go by other rules. We all had to get our 25 signatures to be on the ballot.

Here is what the boy genius told Josh Smith from WJHL.

“Steve Holder did not participate in the Democratic Primary during which, had he been honest about his intention to serve in Congress to “unequivocally increase the Democratic majority in the House,” he would have faced off with Blair long before now. He is on the ballot because he was able to secure 25 signatures. Blair is focused on the issues, and a debate with her GOP opponent will show that Blair has plans for real economic growth and improvement of health in the district. She sees no reason why Steve should not be included in that debate.” – Ian Ratner, Blair Walsingham campaign manager

First of all, Blair Walsingham does not want to debate me. In fact, she repeatedly refused to debate me, claiming we have the same platform, only her’s is bigger.

He also said I did not participate in the Democratic Primary, well duh genius, I am running as an Independent, so I was not invited to participate in the Democratic Primary.

Ian said I am on the ballot because I was able to secure 25 signatures. Once again, genius, all of the candidates had to secure the same number of signatures. Nothing strange about that.

He states that Blair is focused on the issues, well duh, boy genius, I have a website also, and I state my stance on the issues clearly, plus I constantly talk about the issues on social media, and in my interviews with the media.

So, for the record, I am still ready and willing to debate either candidate or both of them together.

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