Foreign Policy

A Healthy and Moral Foreign Policy for America

Foreign policy should be about what is good for our nation. We need to answer questions like…

*What will help us to stay safe from foreign attacks of all kinds?

  1. A strong military is essential.
  2. Effective and productive diplomacy is necessary.
  3. A reputation around the world that assures we are respected and trusted.

*What will allow us to stay safe from diseases that may come from foreign countries?

  1. We need to depend on the advise and council of the World Health Organization (WHO) and Center of Disease Control (CDC).
  2. We should pass legislation that demands every hospital be run by Medical Doctors, and not just business people.
  3. Every American should be given free and total healthcare from cradle to grave.

*How do we prevent other governments from spreading misinformation and propaganda that is detrimental to the mental, spiritual, and emotional health of our citizens?

  1. Our intelligence agencies need to be well equipped and educated on how to keep us informed about the doings of other nations.
  2. We need to set the narrative about what our citizens need to do to stay safe and healthy.
  3. Any attempts from foreign governments to interfere in a way that is against our health and well-being needs to be addressed and dealt with diplomatically.

*Also, our foreign policy should address our economic best interest, and since we are presently more than $23 trillion dollars in debt, we need to make, and stick to, a budget that allows us to work on getting out of debt, instead of further into it.

  1. We should look after our people first and foremost.
  2. We should only give monetary aid to other nations in case of a national emergency.
  3. The billionaires in our nation need to be taxed at 75% with only one exception. All income over $1 billion dollars will be taxed at a rate of 99%.

*Our political foreign policy should be all about achieving the aforementioned goals.  We need to implement, and enforce, policies that allow us to stay safe and get out of debt. Naturally, this means we need to engage in effective diplomacy at all times and with all nations.

  1. We must make it our policy that we do not give money to other nations except in a national emergency.
  2. We must always be willing and ready to defend our nation, and our citizens when they travel abroad.
  3. Our foreign policy should be open and transparent. All US citizens and the leaders of other nations need to know where we stand.

*Even though we must put America first, we need to aid other countries during any natural disaster emergency, such as flood, famine, earthquake, etc.    

  1. We are a charitable people, and we will give aid where it is needed and appreciated.
  2. Compassion should be our driving principle in times of a national and natural emergency.
  3. Our aid to these countries should be temporary and help them to make a new beginning, but we must never allow them to become dependent on our kindness.

*Last, but definitely not least, we need to remember that we depend on the good graces of a loving God to keep us strong, safe, and free.  

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